Sunday, March 11, 2018

Iraq: Speaks about its Chinese CH4 UAVs.

(Baghdad)  The liberal world hate the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) aka Drones by Western nations in which to play the asymmetric game of war with asymmetric terrorists. Yet whilst defending terrorists who find hey no longer have anywhere to hide in areas that are loyal to their brand of religious bigotry . These so called human rights champions remain every so silent on the use of combat UAVs in use by non-western nations, countries such as Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Pakistan , Egypt and  Iraq who have all found a taste for the Chinese CH4 Rainbow drone. In fact Iraq released a video of their CH4 last month:

These drones in use by the Iraqi Army's air force since 2014, have mainly contributed to reconnaissance and strike missions against terrorists in the northwestern part of Iraq. According to the video's commentator, the CH-4s have already conducted as many as 260 Air-Ground strikes against the major targets of the Islamic State, with a 100% success rate. An Iraqi army brigadier general reports that the drones have demonstrated their reliability throughout the missions assigned to them, and is especially appreciated by the precision of its weapons strikes which allow them to hit all kinds of targets on the ground, such as car bombs even before they get close to their victims. Another Iraqi commander reiterates the above by saying that the drone has achieved "exceptional performances" during the battles in the provinces of Nineveh and Salah ad-Din, thanks to its reliability and the precision of its weapons and reconnaissance systems, to perform strikes in depth and without risking the lives of soldiers on the ground.

Unlike the Western UAV operators, I doubt if collateral damage is an issue, and also like the Western states, China doesn't give a jot who is buying. Funny how the ethical latte drinkers are so quiet on this subject.