Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Syria: 6 weeks of Operation Olive branch

(Afrin) On the 19 January 2018, Turkish forces invaded Syria with an aim to eradicate the Kurdish enclave centred around the town of Afrin. Turkey the most powerful military power in the region after days of shelling and air strikes followed up with a land invasion. However, very little progress has been made by Turkey which with a standing army of 350K regular soldiers, over 3000 tanks and complete air control resumed that this would be a walk in the park. Find below an info graphic which shows the advances Turkey has made into the Afrin enclave over the past 6 weeks, which to be honest doesn't say much for the military capabilities of the Turkish Army, But then the pocket dictator has purged the armed forces of its most capable leaders and replaced them with political lackeys, which could explain why the Turks deepest advance into the area is around 5kms. Not bad going after 6 weeks. Not.