Monday, March 12, 2018

UK: British Police see defacement of anti-Semitic AL Quds day poster as... criminal act.

(LutonAl Quds day is when all the Muslims around the world openly protest abut the state of Israel, how they demand that it is destroyed and how all the Jews should be killed. In the UK, the event is run by the so called Islamic Human Rights Commission, (IHRC) which is anything but, and is actually a vehicle for Iranian funded anti-Semitism. In 2015 2 months after the Charlie Hebdo shootings where 12 people were murdered in cold blood by Islamic terrorists , IHRC awarded Charlie Hebdo a price for being 'the world's most Islamophobic person or publication' in 2015.

Anyway a Street poster advertising Al Quds day was put up in the Islamic ghetto of Luton and somebody added via the use of a spray can the following words:
"ban race hate posters"
and the British Police have taken it upon themselves to class that as a crime. I kid you not. 

Yet when liberals and Muslims  deface posters for their own ideological purposes, the police couldn't give a shit. But when its a poster advertising the destruction of a country and its peoples, why that's a racist hate crime and must be looked into.