Monday, March 12, 2018

UK: Canadian banned from entering Britain for handing out Allah is gay leaflets.

(London)  In the UK, Canadian far-right political activist Lauren Southern has been banned from entering the country (This from a UK, which can't stop hundreds of thousands of third world people people sneaking into the country and then fails to deport them)

According to the above letter she is banned from entering the Uk for handing out racist material in Luton last month . Ok, I was intrigued and looked up exactly what that racist material was and I was somewhat surprised at what the British authorities class as racist. Here is a tweet of Miss Southern handing out what the British Government claims is racist:
and here is the leaflet in question:

Hang on, the British Government,Media and pressure groups have been shoving it down my throat on a daily basis that being Lesbian, Gay , Bi and Trans is normal (And I fully agree with that) Yet a woman is banned from entering the UK form promoting that message. Not 2 years ago the British Prime Minister publicly promoted that message. The Police in Bedford, where Luton is situated has
Lesbian and Gay Liaison Officers whose mission statement reads:
Lesbian and Gay Liaison Officers (LAGLOs) are police officers and staff who are dedicated to supporting our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGB&T) communities.
Yet somebody who promotes the very message the Government and Police support is deemed Racist. Instead of asking who found the above message racist, the political correct arseholes in the UK found the woman promoting LGBT diversity guilty of spreading hate.