Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Sweden: Court case which saw wife beater walk free , grips nation.

(Stockholm) Last week a court acquitted a man of assaulting his wife, because 2 of the 4 lay judges who sat on the case claimed that as he came from a good family, that the victim reduced the credibility of her story by reporting it to the police instead of trying to resolve the dispute within the family and that "it is not uncommon for women to falsely claim they have been assaulted", saw the wife beater walk free from court.

That judgement didn’t go down well in liberal Sweden and questions started to be asked why this had happened, then it was revealed that the two lay judges in question  Ebtisam Aldebe and Hasan Fransson are both Islamic and supporters of Sharia law and that Ebtisam Aldebe has stated that she believes that Swedish laws should be adapted to Muslims living in Sweden. She has also served as a board member in the Migration Courts where she has denied Christian converts from Afghanistan asylum in Sweden

 Ebtisam Aldebe 
Well what a difference a week makes, both judges have been expelled from the Centre Party in Sweden, one of them has resigned and pressure is mounting on the other to go. An appeal has also been made on the above acquittal .