Friday, March 30, 2018

Russia : Retaliates for the mass expulsions of its diplomats

(Moscow)  On the diplomatic front Russia hasn't been having a good week or so. After the poisoning of a former Russian citizen in the UK using a very rare nerve agent only used by the Russians, over 130 of its diplomats have been sent packing back home. Oh Moscow has protested its innocence , claiming that the Uk was behind the use of the nerve agent, yet its past behaviour regards the assassination of former Russian citizens abroad, its belligerent nature towards western nations and of course the annexation of the Crimea was more than enough for so many western nations to say enough is enough. 

Well Russia has decided to react and today they expelled 60 Americans from Russia and closed down the American consulate in St Petersburg. The irony here is Moscow and its western based sycophants appear to have forgotten that actually all of this started with Moscow, even if the Skripal poisoning hadn't had taken place, the fact remains the belligerent nature of Russia these past few years was lacking a response. As we saw in 1939 with Adolph Hitler, appeasing a rouge nation only leads to greater pain in the future, funny enough its supporters continue to play the line that Russia defeated the Nazis and we own them big-style. What they leave out of that statement is, if it wasn't for Russia  Hitler wouldn't have started WW2 in the first place. Kind of explains how Moscow invaded Poland 2 weeks after Hitler did and then carved it in two. Hitler knowing Stalin had his back invaded France and the low countries in 1940.