Thursday, March 29, 2018

UK: Racist bigot jailed for attacking Muslims with his car.

(Leicester) Last September 21 year old Paul Moore for some very strange reason felt that Muslims had to die and on spotting  47 year old  Zaynab Hussein walking home he drove into her, he then stopped and reversed and ran over her again.  2 men who were in the car with him, wanted nothing to do with this and jumped out of the car.  Moore then drove off until he saw a 12 year old girl wearing a Hijab, he then mounted the pavement in his car and tried to hit her also. Thankfully he only clipped her side.
Window licker Moore
Moore then turned up severely drunk at the home of his half-brother, (Why do these ingrates always have half-brothers and sisters) , and told him in offensive, racist terms, why he had attacked the woman. Apparently it was due to the terrorist attack in London in 2005, when Moore was 8 and the failed terrorist attack in London a few days before. Personally I'm surprised that with a single braincell he can hold a grudge for so long.

Anyway in court Moore was found guilty and sentenced to a minimum of 20 years in jail. Which really shouldn’t be a problem for this misogynist window licker as now he can spend all his time in the prison showers getting fucked up the arse by a 26 stone weakling called Shirley.  Put it this way, he’ll never be constipated again.