Sunday, March 11, 2018

Trinidad: Cutlass-wielding Hamid shot dead by Police inside local mosque.

(Sangre Grande) Police who were called out to reports of a cutlass wielding man at the local mosque,  had to shoot dead 46 year old Ashrudeen Hamid after he lunged at a female police officer who slipped in front of him, whilst trying to get him to drop his weapon.

Hamid, who has a history of mental problems, ran into the Sangre Grande Masjid  at around 1715hrs last Thursday while prayers were going on armed with a cutlass and looking to settle a score. The police  were called and on their arrival Hamid refused to drop the cutlass and tried several times to strike  them as they drew near to him. A Female officer, who was attempting to get him to drop the weapon, slipped and fell during the negotiation and he lunged at hr. However, officers shot him, he was taken to the local hospital where he was pronounced dead.
Can somebody please explain why so many Muslims found guilty of murder and such are always diagnosed as suffering from mental health issues?