Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Germany:Volkswagen ordered to re-instate ISIS supporter who threatened co-workers

(Hanover)  A court case in Germany has seen the car giant Volkswagen (VW) been forced to rehire a ISIS supporter who was sacked after he threatened his work mates with violence on been denied to fly out of the country to Turkey in which to join ISIS .

Samir B who is of German-Algerian descent worked as a tire fitter at the company’s Wolfsberg factory. In 2014 2 of his Islamic workmates flew out to Syria and died fighting for ISIS. That same year Samir tried to follow them, but was stopped at Hanover Airport by the Police Carrying   9,350 euros in cash (£8,293) and a drone.
Naturally he wasn’t happy as been able to give his life in which to kill the unbeliever .  He returned back to his day job, where he ruminated and festered.  VW  was forced to sack him after it was found he had not only threatened to kill his fellow workmates, but he was actively supporting and recruiting for ISIS on the factory floor.

Well that really did get Samirs goat, and he sued for wrongful dismal. VW has offered him a 65,000 euro settlement in which keep him out of the factory, but his lawyer refused after Samir asked about a better deal  and yesterday the Hanover State Employment Court ruled in his favour and  Samir gets to go back to his old job.