Wednesday, March 7, 2018

UK: Child asylum seeker who tried to blow up a train, was taught to kill by ISIS

(London)  Currently in the UK, the trial of 18 year old Iraqi Ahmed Hassan, is underway. Ahmed tried to blow up an underground train in London last September and only by the grace of god (not Allah) did the device fail to function as planned. Containing over 400g of TATP he packed knives, screwdrivers and nails around it which would have cause massive and destruction to those people in its destructive envelope.

Ahmed Hassan,
Ahmed was arrested hours later as he tried to leave the country by ferry to France, you that country where the liberal paedophiles within the UK claim it isn’t safe for 40 year old children to live  Anyway Ahmed is in the dock having  arrived in Britain in the back of a lorry via the Channel Tunnel in October 2015 and claimed asylum, saying he was in "fear of Islamic State" because of what happened to him in his home country. Asked by Home Office officials in 2016 if he ever had any training with ISIS, he said: "They trained us on how to kill. It was all religious-based.". He said he was recruited on his own and trained with 1,000 people until Iraqi soldiers came into ISIS territory and told everyone to go and go he did to the UK where he decided to bite the hand that fed him. Despite the authorities catching Ahmed  when he informed them he was ISIS trained a second chance was also missed when Jurors were told that while in the care of Barnados, (A children’s charity) a member of staff who spoke Arabic caught him listening to a "call to arms" song with lyrics along the lines of: "We are coming with you to the slaughter... in your home/country". In his defence this piece of shit denied he had been sent to Europe to work for ISIS.
The case continues.