Wednesday, March 21, 2018

UK: Islamic teacher spared jail for touching up kids, because his wife can't speak English

(Preston) 40 year Suleman Maknojioa as a hafiz (somebody who has memorised the Koran) was seen by the Islamic community as somebody to be respected and so they had no problem allowing him to teach their children the Koran.  

 Suleman Maknojioa paedophile.

Unfortunately for one family, that was a huge mistake , as it allowed this nonce to sate his paedophilic urges. The poor 11 year old victim was too terrified to say anything about how his hands liked to wander, however the mother overheard her 13 year old and 7 year old sons talking about what was happening and called the police. In court Suleman claimed he believed the touching was “appropriate” to reassure her, but the court was having none of that and he was sentenced to 40 weeks in prison. However that was suspended as it transpired his wife can’t speak English, that she requires help to look after their 6 children and he is a sick man living on benefits.

And people wonder why so many Muslims want to come to the UK, when not only are they given a home and funding for as many children they can push out, but are allowed to rape as many little girls as they want and be allowed to get away with it.