Sunday, March 18, 2018

UK: Italy to investigate Egyptian murdered on British streets as British Police are powerless when it concerns Black thugs

(Nottingham) 18 year old Engineering  student Mariam Moustafa, was attacked in the centre of Nottingham city centre by a gang of 10 women,  when she tried to escape by boarding a bus, the feral gang followed her onto the bus and attacked her some more. She was taken to Hospital where she died on Wednesday after almost a month in a coma.

Police rounded up the gang and a 17-year-old girl, who was arrested on suspicion of assault occasioning grievous bodily harm, remains on bail. Get that ‘suspicion of assault’ despite the entire incident been caught on video.  But what makes this sad story even worse is Mariam Moustafa and her sister had been attacked by the same feral gang last August and in that incident her 16 year old sisters leg hadbeen broken.  2 assaults in the city centre and the British police are unable to join the dots. The funny thing is Mariam Moustafa is the child of Egyptian nationals born in Italy. She is also a Muslim and yet the British police have refused to call this a hate racist crime, be it based on the colour of her skin or on her religion, which is funny as the media and Police in the Uk have no problem playing those cards when the attackers are white , so why not now.

Simple the thugs who attacked Mariam are black and in the UK black trumps everything when you are in the dock. Which is why the British Police are saying this wasn't a hate crime. That people is how pathetic the British police have become where they refuse to take action when the thugs are blacks as they don’t wish to have somebody play the race card.  Which is why the Italian police are now going to open up an investigation in the murder of 18 Mariam Moustafa.