Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Austria: 2 Migrants accused of raping a 15 year old walk free.

(Tulln)  A court case regards the gang rape of a 15 year old girl last year has resulted in 2 of the accused walking free, the third man has still to be identified.

The case was based on how the 15 year old girl claimed to police she was raped by 3 men in a park. (An Afghan , a Somali and the third man) The 15-year-old was grabbed from behind, punched in the mouth, and was then taken to a nearby sports field, where she was raped, the teenager managed to escape. But she was caught and raped again. Knowing they would get into trouble, they started ringing and texting themselves from their captives phone in which to claim the sex was consensual .
The thing is the police soon disabled that angle of defence, due to the numerous phones calls all at the same time also the injuries on the girl gave credence to her story. However on Tuesday a court was having none of that and concluded that it could not be ruled out that the whole thing was done voluntarily. Also they questioned the girls inability to answer id it was 2 or 3 men who raped her.  In the men’s favour they claimed they had been smoking and talking dope with the 15-year-old before it came to "consensual intercourse." On that note, the men were allowed to walk free from court.