Thursday, March 22, 2018

UK: Man cleared of carrying out FGM on his own daughter.

(London)  Female genital mutilation (FGM) is a barbaric disgusting practice carried out on little girls primarily by Muslims (Liberals keep on screaming it is carried out by all faiths, yet leave out that the vast majority are Muslims) which has no place on this planet.  Despite been banned in the Uk since 1985, not one person has been prosecuted in the 33 years since. Yet there is supposed to be over 137,000 females who have been affected by FGM living in the Uk. It is a known  fact that over 100 girls had their bits chopped off between 2015-16 in the Uk and for some very strange reason the authorities can't be bothered to chase down the evil bastards who carry out such evil deeds.

The other year we had a case where 2 Muslim doctors carried out FGM on a patient in the Uk and they were cleared of abuse. It wasn't helped by how the entire National Health service jumped to their defence, claiming they didn't know about FGM been illegal in the Uk and that until the court case, they had never even heard of FGM. The doctors union claimed that in prosecuting these men , it would simply drive FGM underground and that information is needed in which to gauge the situation in the UK.

Well another man was in court these past few weeks on carrying out FGM on his daughter The 50-year-old man, originally from West Africa, has been cleared of twice arranging for someone to cut the child with a razor as she lay on a mat in the hallway. The prosecution said it did not happen for cultural or family reasons, but as a punishment. (Get that, even the f-ing CPS in the Uk is in on the act) The allegations came to light after the girl told a friend, whose mother contacted Childline.

As this is the UK, the man was also acquitted of five other charges at the Old Bailey, including child cruelty and wounding with intent.

You couldn't make it up if you tried.