Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Turkey: Excuses its war against the Kurds , by claiming the US was going to use them against Iran.

(Ankara)  The Turks really haven't a leg to stand on for their invasion of Syria in which to remove the Kurds from a land they have lived on for thousands of years. First of all they claimed that the reason they went in was simply that the Kurds living on their own lands were ...terrorists, now after been found lacking on the military front , they have come out with a new excuse. 

Ilnur Cevik a special advisor to the pocket dictator himself claims in the Turkish governments mouth piece that the reason the Turks went in, is so as to save Iran, yup apparently the US were going to use the Kurds minding their own business in their own lands in which to attack Iranian forces inside Syria.  I wonder what excuse Ankara will come out with next week?