Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Israel: Racist jew to black Israeli "You are black and your heart is black, I do not want to see you, I have to puke."

(Tel Aviv) Adamo Tagenia, aged 30, was shopping in Ramat Gan, a suburb of Tel Aviv, when a woman who identified herself only as Varda began to yell at him, the woman started by asking if he was from Sudan or Eritrea. When he said it was not relevant, Varda broke out into a racist monologue.

“Go and live in south Tel Aviv. We’ll see what you’ll do there, they’re trash, aren’t they?” she continued and, on noticing that Tagenia was filming the outburst, said, “Go on, you son of a bitch, film me until tomorrow.” Tagenia can be heard asking those around him, “Did you hear, did you hear?” but nobody else replies. The woman also called Tagenia a kushi, a derogatory term for black people. “You’re black and your soul is black,”

What makes this story even worse, is nobody jumped in to silence the racist cow.