Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sweden: To clamp down Islamic Koranic schools.

(Stockholm) In a move which will grate with Sweden’s Islamic population, the Government has revealed plans to ban groups who do not support gender equality from starting or running schools, the country’s education minister. As Islamic children have to attend daily evening classes run inside local mosques in which to be taught the Koran, this will surely have an impact on the religious brainwashing  that is endemic within the Islamic community inside Sweden. Gustav Fridolin the Swedish education minister writing an article in the  Aftonbladetnewspaper states:

“No child in any Swedish school shall be subjected to direct or indirect compulsion to participate in religious activities and all teaching shall be completely free of religious influence. The school shall actively promote equality and everyone's equal rights and opportunities, and shall allow students to develop their skills and interests independently of gender identity. It shall apply without restriction.”
Fantastic news, however expect a lot of protests by the usual suspects who will naturally play the human rights and racism card.