Thursday, March 15, 2018

Germany: Failed Afghan asylum seeker murders girlfriend for refusing to cover up.

(Flensberg)  Police yesterday arrested failed 18 year old Afghan asylum seeker Ahmed G for the murder of his 17 year old girlfriend. Ahmed who arrived in the county in 2015, was placed in accommodation where he met Mirielle B and they quickly became an item.

Initially she started wearing the hijab and such in which to please Ahmed, however of late, she had taken that oppressive Islamic garment off and that in turn led to many arguments over how he felt that he should have total control over everything she did (Like all Islamic males demand over women)  It appears that the straw that broke the camels back was how she refused to convert to Islam and thus having lost his honour Ahmed made his girlfriend pay, which he did on monday by stabbing her to death.

And liberals keep on telling me that Islam is a religion of peace, that there is no compulsion for people to join and that Islam respects women. Apparently not in Germany it seems.