Friday, March 30, 2018

Gaza: Pals swarm border 'leaves 16 Palestinians dead and hundreds injured'

(Gaza) I mentioned the otherday that Hamas was gong to organise a so called peaceful protest for 6 weeks along the Israeli border. Apparently due to their penchant to breed like rabbits (10+ to a family) all funded by foreign aid, they have run out of living space and so  like Islamic nations everywhere they have decided to look at greener pastures elsewhere and in this instant its Israel.

For Hamas, Israel is a triple bonus,due to their piss poor management , their popularity has fallen that much they have had to allow their main rival FATAH back into Gaza to run things.other than the sycophants in Europe, their only source of funding is Iran, by organising a mass invasion of Israel  which they hope will lead to many deaths, will not only galvanise the masses, polarise the Islamic world and open the wallets of the easily offended in which to replenish their bank account. But it darkens the name of Israel, which is what all Muslims do anyway.

Well day 1 of the protest has begun and up to 17000 rioters have decided to ignore the no riot clause. (Which we all knew they would) and try to remove the barrier which forms the border, the Israelis have naturally taken action and shot dead 16 people and injured 100s more and as I said this is only day 1. I'm guessing that Hamas is looking at 100s of deaths, which has been designed to bring Iran into the picture. Expect this to become multifaceted very soon.