Saturday, March 10, 2018

UK: 33 year old Mohammed jailed for sexual relationship with 14 year old

(Bradford) 33 year old Mohammed Khalid, has been jailed for 4 years for having an illicit relationship with a 14 year old girl for over a year.

It appears that Mohammed wined and dined this child by plying her with cannabis and alcohol for the girl during their relationship, which lasted from October 2016 to December last year. Even when the mother of the child on finding out informed him of her daughters age he carried on raping (Sex with a minor is rape) the girl.
Pedophile Mohammed Khalid
He was caught after police investigations into sexual grooming in the area had them knocking on the families door.  On checking his phone they quickly realised that Mohammed just like the person he was named after liked little girls.

What I can’t understand is if the Mother was concerned why didn’t she inform the police, seeing as it was  a good 9 months between her telling him and the police arresting him.