Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Sweden: 24 year old migrant fined for masturbating on a Bus.

(Malmo) In June 2016 a 24 year old migrant moved from the front of the bus he was sat on, to sit next to a 28 year old woman. Once there, he decided to get his penis out and start to jerk off next to the woman. She was having none of this pushed him away and reported him to the driver, who in turn called the Police, who arrested him.

In court last friday, the migrant explained his embarrassing predicament down to the fact he was wearing tight underwear and thus when he sat down it just happened to pop out, he did try to push it back, but it kept on popping out  and thus gave the impression he was masturbating. The thing is, he couldn't explain how he was watching porn on his phone at the time. He was fined as a sex pest.