Monday, March 12, 2018

UK: Girl had FGM carried out as Punishment.

(London)  Currently in the Uk there is court case concerning a 50 year old African man who claims he  had his daughter mutilated by having female genital mutilation carried out on her as a form of punishment for stealing money.

I'm a little concerned how this barbaric act which has inserted itself into the West world initially under the cover of religious and cultural practices which sees hundreds of thousands of victims in the Uk alone has yet to see one person in the UK prosecuted despite the practice been outlawed since 1985 , that's 33 years and everytime somebody finds themselves in court they are let off as somehow a victim of the British . Which brings me back to this case, the man who pleads not guilty to having his daughter cut is using the 'punishment' angle and no doubt, (And I will put money on this) he will walk free from court.

It appears that in order to be not seen as racist, the British are more than happy to see hundreds of thousands girls mutilated. I mean its not as if they acted promptly over the thousands of rapes of little girls across the UK by Muslims.