Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Afghanistan: Idiots see in Iranian New Year by killing 29 and injuring another 52.

(Kabul) It appears those followers of the religion of peace and understanding didn’t like the idea that a load of Shia Muslims would get together in which to see in the Iranian New Year.  Which is why an ‘Allah ackba’ uttering idiot popped along to spoil the revellers day, which he did by murdering at least 29 people and wounding another 52  near a shrine in the Afghan capital Kabul.

And Muslims around the world complain about ‘Islamophobia’ (Which in the UK means somebody writing on the Net) meanwhile they remain silent on the ugliness  found within their ethnically pure homelands, which funny enough they can’t leave fast enough, in which to find sanctuary in the West, where the first thing they do is recreate the exact conditions which forced them to leave in the first place.