Thursday, March 29, 2018

Gaza: Thousands to camp out on Israeli border from Friday demanding the right to live in Israel.

(Gaza) As of friday Hamas has planned for thousands of people living in their own state to protest for 6 weeks for the right to be allowed to live in Israel.  The protect is expected to take place alongside the entire 45 km border with Israel, with a huge march to the border on the 15th of May,

Hamas official Abu Ratima speaking to the media stated that members of the Hamas-dominated security forces will be present “to maintain stability.” He also added that the protesters on Friday will be some 700 meters away from the security fence and will not attempt to breach it. However, he said the protest’s leadership, which is comprised of civil society, independents and political factions, could decide at a later date to approach the border fence.

The strange thing is virtually the same number of jews were expelled from Islamic countries as were Palestinians, where the Jews were accepted into Israel and given citizenship, not one Islamic country has done likewise with the Pals, , yet not only does the Islamic world bitch about the expelled Palestinians , they remain silent on the equal number of Jews that were deported after the birth of Israel in 1948.
So going back to the above protect, expect hoards of Pals try to invade Israel on mass. Expect Israel to stop them and expect the Islamic world and their leftwing acolytes play the Nazis card for the deaths (which I suspect Hamas is counting on)  which will take place. So much for the religion of peace then.