Saturday, March 10, 2018

France: 5 men jailed for the brutal beating of a 12 year old child because it was the Islamic thing to do.

(Paris) A Islamic Koran teacher has been jailed for one year for beating a 12-year-old child and for shaving off the boy’s “non-Koranic” hair, which was coloured blonde.

Last April in Paris at a class the child attended at the local mosque in which to mandatory be taught the koran , the 20 year teacher took umbrage at how the child’s hair had been dyed blond at the front, and so deeming it un-Islamic, in front of the class , he shaved the boys head down the middle. The child in turn took to pelting the teachers house with eggs, Not happy at this, the teacher complained to the child’s step-father , who apologised and sent round the child to clean up the mess.

However this brave Islamic Teacher wasn’t happy with that and invited 3 grown men around and when the child knocked on the door, they kidnapped him and beat him for over 2 hours. When the victim was finally released and arrived back home, his stepfather, ignored the boy’s swollen face and bruises.

Yesterday in court the teacher, along with three other men, was convicted of kidnapping and violence against a minor by the Pontoise criminal court on Friday, the teacher received 12 months in prison, four of which are suspended. The Three other defendants, including the 20-year-old teacher's brother, and two men aged 24 and 29, were tried for participating in the student's assault: they were sentenced to sentences ranging from six to eight months, four of which are suspended, superior to the requisitions. The step father also received a 6 month suspended sentence for ignoring child abuse.  The child was awarded 5000 Euros in damages.

This is exactly what happened to me, when I was a 10 year old child, in my case it wasn't blond hair, rather it was the Islamic bastard hitting my 7 year old sister, I actually whacked him.and this brave Gay death cult teacher got 2 men to hold me still by pulling my arms in opposite directions while he beat the crap out of me, the cunt who sired me did nothing and I was taken into care not long afterwards, never to go back into the clutches of such a backward barbaric cult. Imagine my surprise (Not) at hearing that this practice of beating children still continues within the Islamic community. Religion of peace my arse.