Friday, March 2, 2018

South Africa: New government starts off by subscribing to Land reform policies which ruined Zimbabwe.

(Cape Town) After WW2 African nations found themselves in a far better position than their European masters who due to the war found themselves living in the stone age. Due to the attention needed back home in which to rebuild their countries. The Africans fought for independence and won it from their colonial masters. However instead of building on their independence , the new rulers of each and every African state  subscribed to the mantra of give me what you have or I will kill you, resulting in virtually every African nation descending into the stone age. Those that didn't were pilloried by the Western Liberals, who supported black terrorist groups which in states such as Rhodesia saw the country which was the breadbasket of Africa become Zimbabwe the basket case of Africa. South Africa which became black run in 1991 has managed to escape what has befallen the rest of the continent , however under the rule of President Zuma  (2009-2018) the country started to slide in that direction. His replacement President Cyril Ramaphosa was initially seen as a breath of fresh air, however he has pushed for and won the right of amending the South African constitution to allow landexpropriation without compensation.

In other words white farmers can now be removed from their holding no questions asked. At a stroke, South Africa is going to follow the rest of the continent in becoming a basket case. Yup the black mindset of I want you have , and I will steal it from you has been written into law. What is it about Africa and corruption. No doubt the aid agencies in the west will demand we do something due to colonialism, Imperialism and the like. Me, I'd stop all trade and send back each and every migrant from Africa. They have made their bed, let them lie in it. Maybe in a hundred years they will get the message that good governance and not stealing is the way to run things.