Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Indian: Defence Minister warns Pakistan after rash of terrorists attacks

(New Delhi)   After weeks of unrest and terror attacks in Kashmir,  of which the roots can be traced across the border into Pakistan, India has said enough, is enough. Nirmala Sitharaman, India's defence minister stated on Monday:
"Pakistan is expanding the arc of terror... We will be providing evidence to prove that the handlers are back in Pakistan and they are the mastermind, influencing all this ... Pakistan will pay for this misadventure,"
Just what is about Muslims and their inability to live in peace with the neighbours. Pakistan has started 3 wars with India and lost everytime.  After the war for the independence for East Pakistan (Now known as Bangladesh)  India handed over the half of Kashmir to Pakistan which it took by force in 1947 and said put everything behind us, yet no the Pakistani want, what India has , and continues to fund and organise terrorist groups to attack India but specifically Kashmire. Not only that, Pakistani troops have taken to target Indian border posts with artillery and of late Anti-Tank missiles. Something which has India complaining to the US that the weapons it handed over to Pakistan to fight the Taliban are been used to target them. 

Naturally as this is the sub continent, where face is everything . The Pakistani defence minister has replied that any Indian aggression will be met with an equal and proportionate response.

But what makes this a world issue is that both sides have nuclear weapons. The irony here is both countries instead of spending money on weapons (But primarily Pakistan as it is skint)  they would be better off spending that money on themselves. (Homes, hospitals, schools,roads and of course toilets)  But no,they would rather have others do that, whilst they salivate over the latest weapon system.