Monday, February 26, 2018

Norway: US Marines undergo Arctic training

(Norway) For the past few weeks, Viking Squadron , Royal Marines have been introducing the US Marine Corps how they operate their armour under Project Odin, as the  US Marines look for a vehicle suited to such extremes as they expand their cold weather warfare capability.

C/Sgt Alex Hayden, in charge of the armoured training in Norway.
 Viking is the vehicle of choice, It’s capable of crossing undulating deep snow, steep slopes and swimming in water, it can also be mounted with a heavy machine-gun and has white phosphorous smoke. This makes it a formidable but manoeuvrable vehicle.
 Since being in the Arctic, the US Marines are realising the true benefits of this vehicle and the capability it can offer to their commanders.” US Marine Sgt Scotty Lyall is one of those who’s received Viking training under the Royal Marines.
 “The instruction has been fantastic. We don’t have a vehicle like this, and this is exactly what we need in this environment.”