Wednesday, February 21, 2018

India: Muslims declare war on Pampers (Nappies/diapers)

(Hyderabad) Muslims in India have gone ballistic over how somebody claims to have seen the name Mohammed inside the face of a cartoon cat used to advertise ‘Pampers nappies’ . In fact faster than you could utter ‘Alis snack bar’  outraged religious fellows have stripped bare the locals shops of the offending packs of pampers and filmed themselves burning them in the street.

Apparently the nose of the cat ,two whiskers and eye spells 'Mohammed. As written on the right.

After becoming all inflammatory in the street over a total disregard for Indian Muslims, they descended on the local cop shop in which to hand over a letter of protest demanding the Police take action against this attack on peaceful Muslims.

I don't even know where to begin, how the hell can anybody construe that half a cats face is Mohammed written in Urdu/Arabic. I suppose, I had best make sure Mrs Miggins is kept inside from now on:
Mrs Miggins