Wednesday, February 28, 2018

UK: Major funder of the Labour party exposed as a supporter of a racist bigot.

(London) Max Mosley is a very rich man, he is also the son of Oswold Mosley  who became infamous during the 1930s as the leader of the British Fascist party. (Who found out the hard way in 1936 when he tried to march through the Jewish area of Cable St, that the British didn't subscribe to the Nazis craze which was very popular across the channel in Europe) .

Max has always denied subscribing to his fathers bigoted ways and 10 years ago successfully sued the media when they ran a story about him throwing Nazis themed sex parties. Of late he has become a major funder for the socialist labour party in the UK,  of whom the deputy leader Tom Watson has received well over £500,000. In return Watson supported Mosleys attempts to shackle the free press, you know like Hitler did. During the above court case Mosley categorically denied putting out racist election leaflets at the Moss Side by-election in 1961 which said 'coloured immigrants' spread 'tuberculosis, VD and other terrible diseases like leprosy' and should be sent 'home'. The leaflet added: 'Coloured immigration threatens your children's health.'  When asked about the existence of that leaflet in the High Court, Mr Mosley said:
'If there was such a leaflet, you would be able to produce it', adding he could 'not recall' it. He said it was 'absolute nonsense' to suggest such a pamphlet was put out."
Yesterday, a copy of that leaflet turned up and the press, have not only handed a copy to the crown prosecution service, they have asked prosecutors to ask Scotland Yard to consider whether Max Mosley committed perjury at his orgy privacy trial. 

I have to laugh how when asked in the above TV train crash, if he believed in sending immigrants home in 1961, He says no, he believed in offering financial inducements to persuade Jamaicans to go home,  He then states that the document is a fake, and that if it is true his lawyers want to look at it. Only to be told it can be found in 2 different libraries.

On hearing the above news, Labour have said they will no longer accept any more money from Mr Mosely, but will not return the monies received.  So much for that socialist mantra of not supporting racist bigoted ways.