Monday, February 12, 2018

The news from Sweden:

(Husby) On Saturday a girl under the age of 18 was gang raped . Police have arrested one person. Husby has the lowest income per capita of any district of Stockholm. In 2014, more than 80% of the population had minority background, mostly from Middle-east and Africa.

(Stockholm)  On Saturday evening at a Police checkpoint, the driver of a car, pulled out a gun and drove off at speed, a few minutes later the Police came across the same car which had been involved in a road traffic accident. Unfortunately for the driver he was mortally injured and died later that evening. Police are still searching for the passenger.

(Halmstad.) A 40 year old man suffered a stab wound when 2 men broke into his home on Saturday and attacked him. His mother-in-law suffered an injured as she was pushed to the floor during the attack. The police were called, but the 2 assailants had gone. They are treating this as an assassination attempt.

(Uddevalla) At a police checkpoint  A driver tried to escape by driving away, injuring a policeman in the process. On crashing the car, as police moved in to arrest the suspect, they were sprayed in the eyes with a chemical suspected to be tear gas. Both the driver and the passenger have been arrested.

(Stockholm) On Thursday evening a hand grenade was thrown at a house damaging windows and doors.  It transpires that the home belongs to a bank employee who is a fraud investigator and has on a large number of occasions assisted the police in cases involving money and accounts that can be linked to criminal networks. The bank employee  is currently involved in an ongoing case where the police recently seized a larger amount of money in Gothenburg. Individuals who figure in the investigation can be linked to gross organized crime.