Saturday, February 10, 2018

UK: Nazis wannabe jailed for 8 years over Mosque bomb plot.

(Teeside) 31 year old Liam Seabrook, has just been jailed after he threatened to petrol bomb mosques.

It appears that Liam doesn't like people who look different to him.  Which due to his DNA designated desire to lick windows means that 99% of the human race looks different from him. Any way after the Manchester bombing last year which killed 22 people. He texted his probation officer that he was going to kill some Muslims. (See I told you he was a window licker) So his probation officer did what he had to do and informed the old bill and they went round to LIams flat to have a chat.

Liam Seabrook

On entering they found petrol in washing up liquid bottles and crude home-made wooden weapons with screws and razor blades sticking out of them. They found weapons strewn around the flat including a fasces - a weapon carried by Roman magistrates made from sticks with blades attached.

When cable ties were found he explained he had them "in case he needed to kidnap somebody".
Yup, not exactly a full shilling is he. Which is why he was nicked and given a oneway pass to the local copshop where they brought in a trick cyclist to gauge his mental state. Which was when it was found he was fascinated by the Third Reich and Hitler in particular. It transpires that Liam also has a previous conviction for arson, writing racist graffiti and leaving a note in a library calling for immigrants to be banned from using it. Which kind of explained the petrol bombs inside his flat, which resulted in this Nazis window licker having a day in court.  His brief, said there was no suggestion  his client had ever taken his weapons out of his flat and that they were more like "bizarre ornaments". He stated that Liam was isolated and stockpiled goods so he would not have to leave his home.

On the other side of the argument Seabrook, was diagnosed with a mixed personality disorder, admitted making threats to kill, malicious communication, making threats to destroy property and having articles with intent to destroy property. After deeming him dangerous, the judge said: "The weapons were very basic, nevertheless of a very violent type which could have resulted in extreme injury, if not death, if put to use." Judge Simon Bourne-Arton sentenced Seabrook to eight years custody with an extended two year licence period. He also made an order banning Seabrook from going within 200 metres of a mosque when he is released.