Thursday, February 15, 2018

Austria: 3 jailed over planned terrorist attack

(Wien) Three young men  , one aged 22 and the other 19, decided to form a splinter group of "Islamic State" (IS) in 2015 and planned an assassination attempt on a police station in St. Pölten have been found guilty on Wednesday at the Vienna Regional Court of terrorism.

The court heard how one of the 19 year old was in contact with a fellow  Chechen IS member, Abu Nuuh, suspected of being in the Syrian war zone, via a social media service. Pledging allegiance to IS he recruited  the other two (The 22 year old also from Chechnya) .  Abu Nuuh gave the boys  an order to assassinate police officers at St.Pölten Police station with weapons they intended to steal from an arms dealer. However their plans for unholy jihad went out of the window when the police received an anonymous tip off  and made public an anonymous tip about the plan, however the police were none the wiser who these jihadists were until an 18 year old was arrested for brainwashing a 12 year old child to carry out terrorist attacks in Germany. On searching his phone they found information pertaining to the above three and they were arrested.

In court the two teens were handed sentences of 26 months and 15 months  , with the latter only serving 5 months for time served. The 22 year old has now to serve 34 months of a suspended sentence for a previous offence with an additional 5 months added on for the above. He also has to undergo a full mental evaluation by a psychiatrist before he will be released.