Thursday, February 22, 2018

UK: Muslim dating website couple jailed for Islamic State-inspired Christmas attack plot

(London)  A couple who met on an Islamic dating website, and who tried to go out with a bang by killing as many people as possible in the country they found safety and freedom in have been jailed in the UK. Somalian Rowaida El-Hassan and Sudanese Munir Mohammed who decided on biting the hand that fed them were sentenced at the Old Bailey today. 36 year old Sudanese asylum seeker (who sneeked into the uk in 2014) Munir Mohammed had volunteered for a "lone wolf" UK mission to kill people with a bomb or Ricin was jailed for 14 years.

33 year old Rowaida El-Hassan who used her experience as a pharmacist in which to help Mohammed  to source the correct materials for a bomb was sentenced  to 12 years. Both were arrested in December 2016, in the process of making homemade explosives and Ricin.

Passing sentence Judge Michael Topolski QC said:
 'You decided to plan an attack on the country in which you were seeking asylum.

What I cannot understand is why these two aren't deported after their sentences.