Friday, February 23, 2018

Germany: Food bank bars new migrant clients

(Essen)  German food bank ‘Essener Tafel" has temporarily stopped accepting new non-German clients, citing a huge influx of migrants that was displacing locals in need.  Joerg Sartor, chairman of the Food bank  stated:

"Since the number of foreign citizens among our clients has risen to 75 percent in recent years ... we are forced to only accept customers with German identity cards in order to facilitate proper integration, we want the German granny to be able to keep coming to us,"
He said German elderly people and single mothers had been gradually displaced over the past two years as the share of migrants had risen to three-quarters of recipients.

The website of the "Essener Tafel" charity said it had taken the step in order to avoid frictions between needy locals and foreigners that could harm acceptance of the newcomers.