Monday, February 19, 2018

Gaza: Qatari ambassador physically attacked by Hospital staff for handing over $9 million to help keep the lights on.

(Gaza) 10 days ago Qatar pledged $9 million in which to keep emergency hospital generators inside Gaza running. This was after the United Nations appealed for funds on Tuesday, saying fuel for generators that keep Gaza’s hospitals and sanitation services operating would run out within 10 days as Hamas and the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority (PA) feud over the machinations of finalizing the details of political power-sharing.

You’d think the locals would be happy with that wouldn't you. More aid money coming their way. Apparently not as the Qatari ambassador in Palestine was kicked out from a hospital by the staff and public. 

A video showed angry staff at the Shifa hospital in Gaza showing Qatari envoy, Mohammed al-Emadi, being forced out, throwing shoes at him and tearing up the flag of Qatar while chanting slogans against Qatar. Ambassador Al-Emadi planned to hold a press conference at the hospital before being attacked and thrown out by staff. The assailants justified their act by saying that Qatari aid was not genuine and aimed at strengthening the Palestinian divide demanded instead that the nine million dollars that Qatar announced it was donating to Gaza health infrastructure should be given directly to its citizens. It appears that in Gaza beggars can be choosers.