Thursday, February 15, 2018

Sweden: Iraqi attacks his 14 year old sister with a baseball bat for not covering up.

 (Karlskrona)  A 19 year old Iraqi has been arrested and taken into custody over how he attacked his 14 year sister with a baseball bat for not wearing the Islamic veil.

On the day of the incident the girl had been down town with her mother shopping. When she got home, the older brother began to ask her why she was not veiled, when she did not answer , he picked up a baseball bat and processed to enforce his bigoted religious bigotry into her . Lucky for the girl her younger sister started screaming which made the brother hesitate. The girl then fled and locked herself in her room and called the police on her mother’s phone. Under questioning by the police, the brothers exclaimed that he believed he has not hit his sister "especially hard".

What makes this sad tale even worse, is the parents had given the victim the choice of if she wanted to cover up. Apparently the brother didn’t subscribe to freedom of choice unless of course it applied to him.