Wednesday, February 28, 2018

UK: Gang of 10 in court over rape charges on teenage girls

(Bradford)  Currently in the UK , 10 men are in the dock on charges of preying on two vulnerable teenage girls in care. The court was told how the men were arrested after the partner of one of the victims rang a BBC TV studio following a report on sexual abuse they gave the name of the victim to police after they were contacted. In court the men pleaded as follows to the charges:

  • 37 year old Basharat Khaliq pleaded not guilty to one charge of assault by penetration and five charges of rape.
  • 54 year old Saeed Akhtar denies two charges of causing or inciting child prostitution and one charge of rape.
  • 42 year old Naveed Akhtar and 31 year old Izar Hussain deny three charges of rape, with Hussain also denying an additional allegation of attempted rape.
  • 30 year old Mohammed Usman and 37 year old Kieran Harris both pleaded not guilty to two charges of rape.
  • 36 year old Yasar Majid denies a single charge of rape, whilst 27 year old Fahim Iqbal pleaded not guilty to aiding and abetting rape.
  • 31 year Zeeshan Ali denies a single charge of sexual assault.
  • 35 year old Parvaze Ahmed denies three charges of rape
It appears that the police had actually interviewed the girls a few years ago in regards to another sexual abuse investigation but hadn't followed up, until frustrated at a lack of action one of the victims went to the media.