Sunday, February 11, 2018

Cyprus: Turkey blocks energy firm from searching for oil in Cypriot waters

(Nicosia)  Cyprus is a divided Island, after Turkey in 1974 invaded in which to protect Turkish Cypriots from a coup which had just taken place. The Northern half is known as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and is only recognised by Turkey , everybody else sees it as an illegal occupation.  Despite declaring itself as independent , it is told what to do by Ankara.

Anyway the southern half is seen as Cyprus proper and as such has joined the EU, of late it has formed agreements with other countries (Israel/Egypt)  regards sharing the sea between them and as such has mapped out plots in which to allow companies to find Oil.
However as explained the other day, Turkey isn't happy and demands a share of anything found in the Waters off Cyprus proper. Which is why without warning they have declared exploration block 3 off limits to the Italian oil company ENI which had sent in a ship to start searching for oil, stating that the Turkish Navy will be hosting military activities in the area.

Naturally this hasn't gone down well with the Cypriots. What I can't understand is why the EU is remaining silent on this.