Saturday, February 24, 2018

Switzerland: Muslim body justifies FGM

(Bern)  I wrote the other week about how the spokesman for the Islamic Cultural Centre in Ireland not only justified female genital mutilation (FGM)  but explained a way around the First world ban on this barbaric practice on Prime time TV by saying:
“There is no difference between FGM and female circumcision: “They are the experts. If they say there is no difference, there is no difference. Thus the latter should be allowed but only in instances where this was recommended and allowed by doctors.”
As you can imagine this went down like a lead balloon in Ireland and Dr Ali Selim (Dr as in academic) was forced to apologise by..playing the victim by blaming the  media, which he said, behaved like “a lynch mob” The above just goes to show how Muslims living in the West when they feel strong enough, try to subvert the way of the land in which to accommodate intolerant practices which have no place in any civilised society.

And so it is, in Switzerland where a local paper has found the Islamic Central Council Switzerland actually mirrors the Islamic Cultural Centre in Ireland in its views on FGM on its web site. Where it explains the difference between FGM and Sunna circumcision. (Sunna been, the traditional portion of Muslim law based on Muhammad's words or acts, accepted (together with the Koran) as authoritative by Muslims and followed particularly by Sunni Muslims.) So in otherwords  Lawful as deemed under Islamic law. This it explains by the following chapter on the above web site:
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III. The opinions of scholars
Scholars agree in the vast majority that the woman's Sunnah circumcision is legitimate in Islam and that she is attested by the normative sources. Rather, the question is how they classed . The practice of female circumcision : the majority of scholars among the Hanafites and Malikites see female circumcision as a Sunna and noble act. The circumcision of the woman is not classified as an obligation. An overwhelming majority of Shafiite and Hanbalitic scholars, as well as creams among the Malikites, consider circumcision to be a binding sunna / wadjib for women as well.

Which it concludes with

IV. Conclusion
In this summary on circumcision of women, it could be shown beyond doubt that besides the "sanctuary" circumcision, which is not sanctioned by Islamic normativity, there is a clear indication of a much more moderate Sunnah practice in the relevant sources of law (Ahaddith) the clitoral prepuce). Even the jurists did not argue about the validity of the practice, but only about the question of classification, as wâdjib or sunna (mustahabb). Accordingly, there is no law school that would not have at least categorized female circumcision as sunna.
However as they know FGM is illegal across the civilised world (Including Switzerland) they add a disclaimer.
* Disclaimer: Due to FGM's legal prohibitions in some countries, including Switzerland,  and uncertainty about the legal status of Sunna circumcision, it is advisable to seek advice from a specialist before considering such an intervention .

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Isn't it funny how Muslims living in the West try to excuse and get around practices not only banned by the host country, but by the UN, by playing the medical card.