Wednesday, February 14, 2018

France: Policewoman arrested for stealing two Pistols and subscribing to radical Islamic extremism.

(Paris)  French police have taken into custody a 20 year old policewoman who they suspect had been radicalised and stolen 2 service pistols . 5 other people have also been detained including a serving soldier.

The weapons went missing last August and attention fell on the policewoman who had been working the desk that night, how she was reported missing for a while and thus she became an automatic suspect, her case wasn't help by how she had been reported a number of times regards her polarized along religious lines. 

This suspicion was further added to, when a serviceman out running last Nov was shot and whilst recuperating in hospital he was visited by friends of the policewoman. A  raid on her flat recovered one of the service weapons, however one is still missing. After the recovery of the weapon, the policewoman, her brother, the soldier and 3 others were detained.