Sunday, February 11, 2018

Syria: Turkish propaganda explains their slow progress against the kurds

(Ankara)  As I mentioned yesterday, despite being much bigger, stronger and better armed, the Turks are finding out the hard way that the Kurds are going to make them pay for every foot of land they take in their mission to remove the Kurds from Northern Syria (Where they have lived for thousands of years)

As you can see from the above video clip, the Kurds are hitting back, add the mountainous terrain and the Turkish hopes of a Blitzkrieg have ground down virtually to a halt. Which is why the Turkish Government dragged out Ali Erbaş head of Religious Affairs Directorate to explain why:
“Our Muslims soldiers are undertaking their fight in line with Islam’s principles. That is why they are moving slowly in Afrin. They are moving with the conscience of not causing even one person’s nose to bleed; after all, this is Islam’s order,”
Then he decided to explain the righteousness of the current invasion of Syria by comparing it with the Ottoman Empire which oppressed millions:
“All our conquests in history were undertaken to prevent oppression. Our soldiers fire their bullets against oppressors, to protect those oppressed. Our soldiers are clashing for this, because there are terror organizations there, and they are constantly oppressing,”
Wow looking at the map below the Turks sure went out of their way over the years to root out Terrorists.