Saturday, February 10, 2018

Israel: Syria shoots down Israeli F16I

(Jerusalem)  Israel has reported that one of its aircraft (A twin seat F16I Soufa) has crashed  in a field near the northern Israeli village of Harduf, approx. 4 kms from Ramat David Airforce Base, it is presumed it was damaged by Syrian anti-aircraft fire.

Early this morning an Iranian UAV entered Israel, this was tracked and taken out by an IDF helicopter. 
In what appears to have been a come-on (A lure) A strike mission was launched to take out the Iranian UAV control centre inside Syria and it appears the Syrians just happened to be waiting and bracketed the air with a load of flak, resulting in said crash, both pilots managed to eject. 
As is the way in the Middle East where face is everything , Israel has reacted by taking out 12 Syrian and Iranian targets in the region.