Monday, February 12, 2018

Belgium: Jews terrorised by a 24 year old Asylum seeker, police do...nothing.

(Antwerp) The Jewish community in Antwerp is concerned about how it has been targeted for mischief by a 24-year-old refugee. For the past 3 weeks this young man has been going around targeting Jews and Jewish premises.  He has a habit of carving crosses into the doors of synagogues, and Jewish schools.

He also taken to tear down mezuzas, (the tubes with Bible text to Jewish doors.) He likes to run up behind jews and knock their hats off,  he also likes to throw Koran’s inside synagogues.

Despite been arrested by the police for vandalism several times in the Jewish neighborhood. They continue to release him and straight away he returns back to the Jewish area

The Police and the Mayor are investigating whether they  can impose a place ban so that the man can no longer enter the Jewish quarter. Meanwhile the Jewish community is worried and feels threatened, voicing complaints that the troublemaker is being released over and over again. Michael Freilich of Jewish News.:
 "The thing is that the police pick him up and take him for questioning, but then he is released again and he comes back here right away.. Now he has also physically started attacking us. Minimizing physical violence such as the headgear, but it is there. What if he comes with a knife tomorrow?”