Sunday, February 11, 2018

Israel: That Iranian UAV the IDF shot down, was their so called Saeqeh stealth drone.

(Jerusalem)  Now that the dust has settled over the little shindig which took place between Israel,Iran and Syria yesterday,  more information is coming to hand about what happened.  One snippet gleaned from the video released by the IDF regards that shoot down of that Iranian drone which tried to sneak into the country at around 4am Saturday morning is that it is their version of that U.S. RQ-170 stealth drone which just happened to fall into their hands in 2011 which instead of destroying with an airstrike, saw President Obama asking the Mad mullahs if they could have their world beating stealth jet back. You can guess what answer human rights lawyer Obama received

Which they had no problem parading to the world:

After screaming foul play they then set about reverse-engineering the RQ-170 which they again showed off to the world:
In fact they have built a whole fleet of them:

Anyway despite all the cock waving by the Mad Mullahs about how good their weapons are, it appears that their so called Stealth UAV isn't that stealthy at all and this we saw by not only was the thing spotted on its way into Israel at 4am in the morning, it was shot down within a minute by an Apache Gunship.