Saturday, February 10, 2018

Australia: : Bangladeshi woman charged with ISIS inspired stabbing.

(Melbourne)  Police have charged a  24 year old woman with an Islamic state inspired stabbing.
Yesterday police were called to a house in the north of the city where a 56 year old man had been stabbed whilst sleeping. It transpires he had rented out a room the day before to Bangladeshi student Momena Shoma, who had travelled to Melbourne on a student visa in which to enrol in a course at La Trobe University and it is understood she was wearing a black burqa.

However whilst the man was sleeping she decided to stab him numerous times. His young daughter who was in house at the time was unhurt. The woman has been remanded in custody after appearing in court charged over what police allege was an "Islamic State-inspired attack"
Victoria Police Acting Deputy Commissioner Ross Guenther has appealed to the community not to retaliate.
"We're confident this person acted alone and it was an inspired attack by a person who had become radicalised over a period of time,we have evidence that supports that contention which will later be brought before the court. We have a well-established Bangladeshi community and we strongly advise that we don't want any retaliatory action against that community because as part of our broader social fabric they're very important to the health of this city of Melbourne."