Friday, February 16, 2018

Australia: Judge tells court, "Australia 'under attack' for 15 years from group of Muslim men."

(Sydney)  Supreme Court judge Justice Desmond Fagan sitting on the case of Tamim Khaja, accused of planning a terrorist attack on Australian soil closing words will surely offend those who find offence everywhere they look.

Tamim Khaja
It appears that Tamim Khaja, 20, -who pleaded guilty inOctober to planning and preparing a terrorist attack two years ago. – wasn't happy at not being able to travel to Syria in which to fight the good fight. So in his own words to a policeman he said that he wanted so badly to be on the battlefield with my brothers", but since his passport had been cancelled, he would "fulfil my obligation here". Counsel for the defendant, Ian Temby QC, tendered to the court a list of recent sentences handed down to other men who had been convicted of terror offences.

In response, Justice Fagan told the court that Australia had "been under attack for 15 years by about 40 Muslim men, to kill as many unbelievers as they can and impose Sharia law."  He referred to verses in the Koran which he said described the duty of "a Muslim to wage Jihad". He said he was not making generalisations about Islamic beliefs and that his courtroom was "not a forum for the rights and wrongs of the Islam or Christian religions".

The case continues