Sunday, February 25, 2018

Germany: Art Gallery takes down satirical Erdogan picture, but keeps similar Trump and Kim Jong-un ones on display.

(Karlsruhe)  is currently hosting the Art Karlsruhe fair. Like many art fairs, artists display their work and for Thomas Baumgärtel his Banana Sprayer artwork whose trademark motif is an Andy Warhol-style banana.  On display are 3 satirical pictures of the leaders of the US, North Korea and Turkey.
However the artist complained Friday after the gallery took down a painting that depicts Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with a banana stuck up his arse. It appears a Turkish journalist at the fair, took a picture texted it back to Turkey and as is the way of the Turk, complained that the picture is a "racist and vulgar attack" on their president. As Muslims in the West are known to murder death kill on the slightest provocation, the fair organisers have taken down the picture of the Turkish dictator so as to avoid trouble. The thing is they left up the pictures of President Trump and  Kim Jong-un. Funny how, the left have no problem painting the leaders of the US and North Korea as the biggest threats to world peace. Yet take down the picture of the leader of a so called moderate Islamic nation. (well so they keep telling me) 

That people is how the West now appeases Islam whenever they make a fuss about something they object to.