Saturday, February 17, 2018

Greece: Video emerges of Turkish Patrol boat ramming Greek Coast guard vessel.

(Athens)  Not content with pissing off the Kurds, Americans, Israelis , Germans , Syrians, Cypriots  and the Iraqis. The Turks have decided that they needed to add another to that list , which is why on Monday a Turkish patrol boat decided to ram into a Greek coast guard ship which was anchored off the islets of Imia .

In response the Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias warned Ankara that Athens would not react peacefully the next time an incident happens at the Imia islets.
“The Turks ought to hear that, as they keep speaking of warnings and warnings. I have told them that Greece – and I’m saying this in the positive sense for the following countries and with regards to Turkey’s behavior – is neither Syria nor Iraq. We are a strong state with good defence, good defensive systems, good allies and high diplomatic capacity.”

He then added that he has asked his ministry’s legal service to examine seeking compensation from Turkey for the damaged coast guard vessel. If the legal service argues Greece has the right to seek damages, Kotzias said he would be very happy for Greece to act by the law.

Naturally as we are talking about Turkish aggression here, they had to get the last word in by playing the victim card. Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım responded by saying that Kotzias was being irresponsible by “adopting an approach that is not peaceful and which oversteps the line”, Which he capped off by adding:
"Turkey expected Greece to take steps to reduce tensions."
It appears that Turkey under a pocket sized dictator who has replaced a somewhat secular democracy with a Islamist theocracy has started to display the peaceful nature of relgious rule for all to see.