Thursday, February 8, 2018

Australia: Judge deemed unreasonable for kicking out a woman who refused to show her face in court.

(Melbourne)  The other day in court hearing a case about a man accused of being a terrorist saw the wife of the accused thrown out after she refused to remove her Niqab. Justice Christopher Beale ordered the woman to remove the garment, which covers much of a woman's face except her eyes, or remain outside.

 "I require anybody who comes into the court - and all are welcome - but anybody who comes into the court, for their face to be uncovered,"
She didn't wish to remove her niqab and left.  However as this is a first world country, the local Muslims have played the victim card. Vice-President of the Islamic Council of Victoria, AdelSalman, said Justice Beale's decision was unreasonable and a breach of her human rights, particularly as she was not giving evidence.
 “I understand the judge is completely acting within his powers, however, in this case I just think it’s unreasonable and I think the woman had a right to be in the courtroom to show support for her husband.”
He said women who choose to wear the niqab take it very seriously.
 “It’s not a light-hearted matter, it’s not trivial. They do it through devotion, through being faithful to God and it’s part of her identity.To ask her to remove the niqab is almost like asking her to set aside part of her identity and of course that can be challenging, if not traumatic for people.”
If there were concerns about a person’s identity, Mr Salman suggested a woman wearing a niqab or burqa could be asked to step into a private room and show her face to a female security member for verification.  The thing is this isn't the first time this case has witnessed Muslims refusing to obey the law of the land. Last year 2 women were ejected from the same court after they refused to stand for the judge.As always the usual suspects want to dilute the laws of the land in which to further their agenda.